Hard Luck Street was originally formed during summer 2009 by Tarjei Foshaug, David Egeland and The Gambler after Foshaug had left the glam-punk band Trashcan Darlings which had disbanded in 2008. After several rehearsals and auditions, the line-up was finally set with Åsmund Stensløkken on guitar and Seppo Steggell on drums during summer the same year. They played their first concert at the Grand Hotel in Flekkefjord on May 8, 2010, together with, among others, The Last Rock ‘N’ Roll Band.

In January 2011 the band released their debut single Valley Of Fear which had been recorded at Urban Sound studio and produced by Jock Loveband who previously has worked with artists such as The Stranglers, David Gilmour and Madrugada. Drummer Seppo left the band prior to the release and was replaced by Morphine. They had a release party at a table at the now closed down Elm Street Rock Cafe where they exchanged singles for beer and cigarettes.

During 2011, Hard Luck Street played a number of concerts and festivals and also supported bands like The Boys (U.K.) and The Jim Jones Revue (U.K.).

In December the same year, Hard Luck Street released the E.P. On The Run To Maybeland which was recorded in Laidback Studios and produced in collaboration with their future guitarist, Jørgen Henriksen. They once again had a release party, this time with a concert, at Elm Street Rock Cafe.

Throughout 2012 Hard Luck Street continued to play live, including several concerts in England. Furthermore, they also participated in a mini tour with The Boys (U.K.). In the autumn the Gambler was replaced by BatsMats.  

In February 2013 they went on tour in Germany. Then in the fall the same year they finally began to work on their first full-length album. This should prove to be a strenuous affair. Despite the fact that the band had no budget or company behind them, they chose to record a double album. During the process, both Åsmund Stensløkken and BatsMats left the band to be replaced by Jørgen Henriksen and Tore Kneppen, respectively.

The double album Mosaics – Exile on Hard Luck Street was finally released on May 1, 2015 on the German record company East Side Records, which had previously worked with Trashcan Darlings. The album contained 20 songs and had guest appearances from, among others, Petter Pogo and Bendik Brænne. In connection with the release, the band arranged a listening party at the now closed down Mr. Pizza in Torshov.

For the next couple of years, they toured the Mosaics material with concerts in Norway and Sweden. They also toured with Duncan Reid and The Big Heads (U.K.) and For the Love of Ivy and played at festivals such as Kanalrock, Norway Rock Festival, Rock the Boat, Odal Rock Festival, Sandvika Rock Festival and more.

Between 2016 and 2018 Hard Luck Street released one single per year, but only on digital platforms; Another Pretty Lie to Die For (2016), Eternal Summer (2017) and Eternal fall (2018).

During summer 2019, they recorded their second album Darker Days in Music-A-Matic Studios in Gothenburg. The record was produced by Chips Kiesbye (Sator/ Thåstrøm) and the technician was Henryk Lipp. They have previously produced records for The Hellacopters, Nomads, Michael Monroe and many others. The first single, Saturday Stray Cat Revolution, was released in November of that year. In that connection, they also released their first official music video. It was filmed and put together by Gunnar Knutsen from Tumblewine Films. In February 2020, they followed up with the single Ghost Train

Darker Days was released on streaming services on April 7, 2020 and on ltd. edition red vinyl a few weeks later. Due to the  Covid-19 pandemic, no tour was set up in connection with the album release.

On the 08th of January 2021 (Yep, Elvis birthday) they released a third “Eternal” song, entitled Eternal Winter. 

In 2022 Hard Luck Street released the single Just Another Story once again produced by Chips Kiesbye with Henryk Lipp as technician and then a cover version of the Gary Holton & Casino Steel classic “Mary Ellen Jones” with Casino Steel on guest vocals.

Hard Luck Street are currently working on their third album!